My current paintings explore the forces that are out of our control in the vast natural landscape and how they are intimately tied to the air we breathe and the cells in our bodies. I paint outside on the ground overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Northern California and Kauai. My kinesthetic response captures the mood of confrontation between the cliffs and the crashing waves:  a meditation on the relationship between land and sea. 

Through texture, layering and movement of paint, the material in the environment is often brought into the work itself with ocean water, rain, sand, grass and dirt pigment included with the paint. I further explore layers painting cellular, organic, spontaneous forms and cycles that are both generative and destructive, in my studio. I focus on materials such as gold, charcoal and plastics as representational of the beauty and trauma of our time.

I'm now experimenting with immersive environments using fabric and video to highlight an emotional response to the disruption of the natural environment.

Recent 2019 exhibitions:

What's Between Us, Schafer Gallery, San Francisco, CA  New Genres Salon, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA  Monochromatic, O'Hanlon Gallery, Mill Valley, CA